Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blogged Down

Two weeks! Or close to it... since I've posted. And this was supposed to happen daily. Well, apologies to my reader. (Where are those smiley emoticons when you need them?) I suppose the more sardonic among you might think that Mr. Monk finally figured out he can't cover culture and the arts in NYC all by his lonesome, didn't get out, and ran out of things to say. Well, no such misfortune; in fact my desk has been piling up with articles and reminders of things to write about. It's just the usual stuff that you can't live with or without, or rather, you can't blog with and can't live without: families, holidays, women, and that fatal necessity, fulltime employment. Speaking of which, I'm off in about five minutes, so let's just call this a promissory note for many wonderful posts coming your way soon, from surfers and lighthouses to department store windows to new CD's to brain research. Or to put it another way: the parrot has not flown the coup.

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